In Estonia, the police arrested a suspect in the theft of bitcoins at 2.5 billion euros. His name and details of the case have not been disclosed because the investigation is ongoing. However, it is known that an attacker several years stole user passwords to email addresses and have access to their crypthecodinium. Assigning of funds, he lost cryptocurrency in gambling, “playing wherever he could.”

“Because people used the same password in multiple accounts, and not used two-factor authentication, he continued to receive accounts of these people,” – said the head of the division for combating cybercrime Central criminal police of Oscar gross.

Recall that in Scotland, Castle Craig Hospital, the largest in the UK clinic that deals with rehabilitation of people with drug and alcohol dependence, began to offer the course developed for individuals with painful addiction to trade cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. During stationary finding clients clinics help to understand the reasons underlying this behavior, and get rid of them.