Over a month since the start of the platform cryptocurrency derivatives DM Huobi (Huobi Derivative Market) it was bidding for $12 billion the Head of Huobi Global Livio Weng (Weng Livio) believes that this indicates rapid growth of the site and serious interest from institutional investors and professional traders. So in 2019 the company intends to continue the development of DM and Huobi to offer its users new products and tools to work with them.

Recall that in beta access Huobi DM was open to users by invitation in late November, and the first product was the contracts for bitcoin. At the end of December on the platform there were contracts to EOS and the daily trading volume of over $1 billion While at the site held a competition Huobi Grand Master DM Competition, the winners of which for the highest overall trading volume could get Maserati Ghibli 350Hp or equivalent in Huobi Token (HT).