Japanese tech conglomerate GMO Internet confirmed his intention to transfer the mining business in the region, where you will be able to get lower prices on electricity and save Hasrat at the level of November 2018. Thus, despite the decline in Hasrat on the stock market overall, the company increased the volume of bitcoin mining with BTC 696 to 960 BTC in December, and Herat – 668 PH/s to 670 PH/s, respectively.

In the future, the company will abandon the practice of providing monthly reports on the state of Affairs in the mining direction in favor of quarterly reports.

Recall that IT is a conglomerate officially announced the launch of the mining facilities in Northern Europe a year ago – in the first month he managed to get 21 PTS and 213 BCH. In October, the company announced that it begins full-scale preparations for the production of stablon with a view to use it for payments in their own cryptocurrency business, as two weeks ago due to unrealized losses in the fourth quarter of 2018 has decided not to engage in the development, manufacture and sale of equipment for mining cryptocurrency.