Despite the fact that by the summer of 2018, the volume of transactions in Ethereum in a private cryptocurrency fell by half compared with the beginning of the year, December saw the strongest performance in the amount of 115 million ETH. This is stated in a new analytical report Diar.

The researchers, however, pay attention to what is not taken into account in 2016, when activity in Ethereum jumped on the background of the events around the infamous project the DAO.

As seen in the chart below, the sharp increase in the volume of transactions began in November, coming to a peak in December.

The researchers also note that from the point of view of the number of transactions the Ethereum network has been stable since October the monthly average was 16-17 million According to their estimates, in January 2019, this figure will be in the region of 15 million

At the same time, in dollar terms, the value of transactions in Ethereum in 2018 amounted to only $815 million versus $1.1 billion a year earlier, primarily due to the reduction in the price of the cryptocurrency.

The authors of the report also noted a small probability that the limiting factor was the transactional fee because according to this indicator, ETH is one of the lowest levels among other cryptocurrencies.

In addition it is stated that the developers think about long-term prospects, and while pending an upgrade of Constantinople will further reduce the Commission that will have a positive impact on certain types of transactions.