American company Coinbase announced the completion of an internal investigation in case of possible insider trading while the listing of Bitcoin Cash. It is reported by Fortune.

Last week the company’s lawyers discussed the results with staff and stated that no evidence of misconduct could not be found.

It is also known that the investigation involved two leading law firms in the U.S., but their names are unknown.

Recall listing Bitcoin Cash held on December 19. The next day, the weighted average rate of BCH rose to $3813.70, although the day before this quotation were in the area of $2400-$2500.

It is noteworthy that the GDAX at some point BCH price was $9500.

In Coinbase froze Bitcoin trading Cash, and CEO Brian Armstrong suggested that it could be insider trading, and promised to conduct a thorough investigation.

We will add that in March against the company was filed a class-action lawsuit for insider trading when listing BCH.