On 28 October, a canadian bitcoin exchange MapleChange announced on Twitter that the platform is hacked and stole all the money. At the same time, posting some tweets, the company has removed the page. Industry experts and users of the site I suspect the exit Scam.

“Because of the unknown bug was able to withdraw from our exchange all means. Now we’re investigating the situation. We are extremely sorry for what happened. Until the investigation is completed we won’t be able to recover,” – said one of the messages in Twitter.

On account MapleChange Twitter was signed less than 2000 people. Compared to Coinbase more than a million subscribers, and the less well-known exchanges to trade Althingi C-Cex – about 100 thousand.

In kryptomere cases exit Scam most often associated with gambling, darkvenom and exchanges. The recipe is simple: win the trust of the users, to collect their funds in one place, and then take the money and run.

This last stage can be furnished in different ways: the attacker can declare a hacking attack or just disappear without explanation.

According to experts, “hacking” MapleChange has all the attributes of an exit Scam.

First, the company did not have any need to delete your social media pages. It is clear that the exchange is now in debt to their clients, but not so much as other sites, and to solve this kind of situations in business there is such thing as insurance or bankruptcy.

Another signal between the announcement of the “bug” and the complete disappearance of company pages in social networks, it took very little time.

Domain exchange, GoDaddy was also suspicious.

The company itself has not commented on the situation.