Commission fair political practices California (FPPC) intends to prohibit donations in bitcoin to political campaigns. The stated reason was unacceptably low level of transparency such financial transactions.

.@CA_FPPC voted to prohibit the use of cryptocurrency, including bitcoin for political contributions amid concerns that the anonymity it provides would make it difficult to identify who is trying to influence elections.

— BMH Law (@Political_Law) 20 Sep 2018

Representatives of the FPPC voted for the ban, which will not allow political candidates to accept donations in the cryptocurrency. The first meeting was held in August 2018, but at that time the Commission was unable to reach consensus.

After reviewing all the aspects of the issue, the regulator has come to the conclusion that you cannot identify the sender of the funds is not acceptable to the political environment.

Representatives of the FPPC noted that the decision is not final. In the future there will be additional debate, and the position may change.

At the moment, based on the decision of the Federal electoral Commission of the United States from 2014, candidates for political office can accept donations in the cryptocurrency (including bitcoin).

Earlier, one of the candidates to members of the U.S. house of representatives from new York Patrick Nelson began to accept from their supporters donations in bitcoins.