In Brazil last month massive attack cryptogamia have been more than 170 thousand pieces of equipment, with over 17 thousand routers MicroTik was amazed by the miner Coinhive. Code Coinhive infected every page on the Internet which visited by users. Extracted thus, the cryptocurrency is translated to a single address, which allowed experts to conclude that the coordinated activities of intruders.

Specialist company Trustwave Simon Kenin (Kenin Simon) notes that although most of the attack affects users from Brazil, the activity of the attackers were also recorded in other geographical locations, which may indicate the global scale of the planned attacks and hundreds of thousands of potential victims. In Trustwave has released a tool for detecting and blocking unauthorized mining, which recommends that users of MikroTik devices to protect themselves from cryptogamia.

We will remind, earlier it became known that in Japan the law enforcement agencies of the three regions are conducting a criminal investigation against persons who mined with Monero miner Coinhive on computers of users. Hidden mining using Coinhive also found Google’s DoubleClick and YouTube. In addition, the hidden miners can hide on WordPress sites and Android applications, as well as on the websites of online stores, in extensions of browsers and messengers.