In Brazil, one of the traders accidentally bought BTC at a price much higher than the market.

The trader placed an order for local exchange TemBTC, which is not among the largest platforms in Brazil. In the end, he bought 0,0047 VTS for 340 Brazilian reais (approximately $91). That is the price of bitcoin at that time was $19 400. On other sites this number would have cost him about $15.

According to local publication Portal do Bitcoin buying for such a high price could be because the trader has placed a major order, which “cleared” the order book of the platform. According to available data, before you reach the level of $19 thousand, bitcoin also bought at a price of $16 thousand, $13 thousand and $10 thousand.

In this incident, a trader bought BTC at a price exceeding the record level for the Brazilian stock exchanges in $18 900 made in December 2017.

In comments Portal do Bitcoin founder TemBTC Renato Abreu (Abreu Renato) noted that the order probably came from an inexperienced player who does not understand the issues of market dynamics.