The largest manufacturer mining equipment Bitmain has committed every 30 days to update the data on its mining capacity and to show how, Hasrat control of the company on three algorithms: SHA256, SCRYPT and ETHASH.

We’ve just published our Transparency Policy for Shipping and Mining Practices. It includes our disclosure of ‘self-mining’ hashrate for all blockchains that we mine, commitment to greater transparency and zero-tolerance policy on ‘secret mining’. Read on:

— BITMAIN [Not giving away ETH] (@BITMAINtech) 25 Jul 2018

In Bitmain claims to have the following computing capacity: 1692.05 Peaches/sec on SHA256 algorithm, 339,69 Gigaherz/h on ETHASH and just 44,19 Gigaherz/s on SCRYPT.

Co-founder and Cobra, known for its radical aversion to Bitmain, immediately made fun of published company data. He remains convinced of the need to abandon the current algorithm Proof-Of-Work that, in his/her opinion, necessary in order to get rid of the monopoly Bitmain.

BITMAIN claims they control only ~3% of total SHA256 hashing power. They have absolutely no shame in bullshitting us do they.

— Cøbra (@CobraBitcoin) July 25, 2018

“Bitmain controls only 3% of the existing processing power on the SHA256 algorithm. They have no conscience, if you’re trying to sell us this nonsense”, — wrote co-founder

In Bitmain also rejected accusations that the companies controlled by pools specially mined empty blocks. The organization’s representatives believe that the problem of generating empty blocks exist at the Protocol level.

Moreover, the company promised to publish data on the number of new miners in the first batch and delivery time.

Earlier analytical resource CoinDance reported that in the penultimate week of June controlled by Bitmain pools and Antpool produced for 25.5% and 16.5%, respectively, of all blocks of bitcoin.