Company 3G Venture II paid $13 million for 30 acres of land and more than 700 thousand square feet (more than 65 thousand square meters) in several buildings abandoned in 2009, the complex Intel chip, located near Colorado springs. Three buildings complex to their new owner John Chen (John Chen) plans to equip for bitcoin mining, and the room in the fourth building lease.

It is known that the territory has its own substation and dual power supplies, but Chen appealed to the utility company Colorado springs with a request to increase the capacity of the electric network complex.

At the same time, the head of the chamber of Commerce Colorado springs Dirk Draper (Dirk Draper) said that to attract new miners in the city is not planned, and the interest of the local community with the understanding of the benefits of cooperation with large users of electricity more lies in the creation of new jobs.

Recall that in early June in the canadian province of Quebec, attracting miners from all over the world low electricity prices, imposed a moratorium on accepting new applications for permits to conduct operating activities of mining companies, to develop new rules and restrictions in this industry, as well as to revise tariffs.