According to the study of Chainalysis, 76% of the funds laundered in 2018 through cryptocurrency, has passed through the services of the exchange, including P2P and crypto currency exchange platform.

Approximately 64% of the cryptocurrency-related crime in the past year was laundered through direct trade on online exchanges. Another 12% of the funds were legalized through decentralized platforms.

To launder the remaining 24% of criminal scriptaction have been used other ways, including bitcoin kryptovaci, playgrounds and services mixers.

Part of the illegal money in the cryptocurrency represents the proceeds of illegal activities, including drug trafficking, a certain amount are assets with hacked sites. Some illegal scriptactive was traced by the company to the illegal transaction offline.

Most of the illegal funds actually flow either through the exchanges or through peer-to-peer exchange and the rest through other services conversion such as mixers, bitcoin ATMs and playgrounds”, the report says Chainalysis.

The total amount laundered through cryptocurrency funds last year, according to the company, totaled almost $1 billion.

Recall that in August last year the specialists of the research group Blockchain Transparency Institute concluded that 70 of the 100 leading kryptomere involved in money laundering. According to The Wall Street Journal, in 2018 46 cryptocurrency exchanges were laundered at least $88.6 million