Russian businessman Igor Chaika and founder of the company “elteh SPb” Alexey Troshin has established the National engineering Corporation (NEC), which will be engaged in introduction of high technologies in the industry. This partners reported to RBC.

NICK plans to work in the segment of industrial high-tech engineering, using such technologies as the Internet of things, blockchain and other high-tech tools.

“Sphere “strategic interest” of the Corporation for the coming years is the creation of the first Russian enterprises with the most feasible at the current level of development of systems, Industry 4.0, providing end-to-end digitization of all physical assets of enterprises and their integration into a unified ecosystem,” — said Troshin.

When implementing new projects, NICK will work with European, Asian and Russian scientific centres.

As explained by Igor Chaika, the company has no plans to acquire the assets of the engineering market, but the core of the team will be composed of the best personnel in the industry. Now to the work of the company attracted about 200 people.

According to available information, the Seagull has invested in NICK of 400 million rubles and will receive 80% of the company, the remaining 20% is owned by Troshin, who will take the post of Director of the Corporation. The money will go to purchasing software and attract professionals from the market. In addition, the company does not exclude the possibility of attracting project financing from banks.

Experts believe that the new Corporation will be able to fit into the state program “Digital economy”. In particular, the General Director of investment company “Kharitonov Capital” Maxim Kharitonov believes that the “Digital economy” a lot of niches where NICK can manifest itself, infrastructure, cybersecurity, so the problems with the orders she will not.

“Another possible scenario is to become a contractor for large industrial projects, distributing subcontracts among the companies of the market, — adds the Director of operations and sales of the National center of the Internet of things Igor Waag. — For the Russian economy is characterized by a significant concentration of resources in state hands, and therefore new player for pursuing this option will need quite a powerful administrative resource”.

Recall that in late July of 2017, the government adopted is calculated till 2024 program “Digital economy”, which involves the development of Russia’s economy, the key factor which are digital data.

Now the program “Digital economy” five areas of development and funding for the next three years will exceed 500 billion rubles, including 150 billion roubles will be allocated from the budget.