Representatives cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global announced that the first round of the draft IEO TOR Network launched today on the site of Huobi Prime, ended with the acquisition of users 300 million tokens TOP 7 seconds. So the speed of the round has caused outrage among many potential captainvalor, who accused the platform of deception, same and unfair distribution of opportunities in favor of insiders and bots. Despite this, the next two rounds of the IEO also completed in seconds.


Now, operations in the trading pair TOP/HT available in Global Huobi, and Huobi Prime is preparing to hold the next tocancel based on identified technical difficulties.

Recall that after studying the technical difficulties with the participation of the users in the previous tokentalk platform Binance Launchpad, its leaders decided to change the format for the following IEO project for the lottery. The choice of the owners of the new token will be determined randomly, and the number available to the user “lottery tickets” with a unique number will depend on the number of BNB on account of his for the last 20 days and not to exceed 5 units.