The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) announced that representatives of the company Gladius Network LLC in the summer of last year appealed to her because the feel the need to admit them held at the end of 2017 ICO unregistered offering of securities and to take steps to remedy the situation. Gladius raised $12.7 million investment for the development of a distributed network to protect against DDoS attacks and accelerate access to content web sites, however, did not take into account the requirements which the financial regulator had earlier voiced cryptologist after investigation of the situation with The DAO.

In response to the appeal of the SEC has taken action by requiring a startup, to register the token GLA all the requirements of the current law on securities and the return to investors on their investments. Thanks to cooperation with the investigation of the startup cost without paying the fine.

Recall that in November last year, the SEC forced the ICO projects CarrierEQ Inc. (Airfox) and Paragon Coin Inc. to register their tokens as securities with the payment of a fine in the amount of $250 million, refunds to affected investors and providing to the controller periodic reports, not less frequently than once a year. And last week, on rehearing, the SEC was able to convince the court of the southern district of California that the blockchain-the project ICO Blockvest held illegally and should be subject to a temporary prohibition to conduct activities in the field of ICO and securities fraud.