The increased interest of investors to the initial placement of the coins on blockchain project U Network led to the fact that the developers had their own tokens UUU to maintain the ecosystem. The company launched a BuyBack program in an attempt to redeem the tokens among the early investors who received them in February through AirDrop, writes CoinDesk.

According to available information, the project will purchase tokens UUU a thousand Ethereum in several stages. So, the first purchase will spend 200 ETH, the price of the token will be from $0,004 to $0,005.

“The number of tokens redeemable by us will not affect the price in the market and will allow you to reach their own goals U Network”, — said the representatives of the project.

It should be noted that at the stage of launching a startup issue of tokens was limited to 10 billion.

According to Professor of management and marketing, Massachusetts Institute of technology Katherine Tucker, the situation with the company U Network proves that startups no definite method to calculate the required number of tokens.

At the end of June ForkLog reported that half of the tokens of the Metronome project of Jeff garzik’s at the auction were the three captainvalor.