Team CryptoStream continue to incur losses in 2019, the amount of the money they have collected cannot boast records. Now the ICO is unable to collect a tenth of what they were able to achieve a year ago. However, this positive news. Really not for them, but for the industry as a whole.

According to analysts ICOBench, crowdfunding crypt shows some of the worst results over a fairly long period of time. At the end of the first quarter of 2018 teams CryptoStream managed to collect about 4,75 billion dollars, and in January 2019, this figure dropped to 575 million dollars.

Death ICO — Bitcoin life

In addition to cutting funding, the number of projects is also dramatically decreased. If the December 2018 had the opportunity to invest in 248 ICO, from the very beginning of 2019, it was announced 238 crowdfunding campaigns.

Current state of the market ICO is an ongoing trend that emerged in the mid-2018. We will remind, in October, collected on the ICO amount dropped to 17-month low.

But chief analyst at Fundstrat Tom Lee believes the circumstances ideal conditions for the “maturation” of the entire industry of crypto. According to him, crowdfunding will not go away, it just evolved from the muddy schemes with ICO to transparent investment capital the big players.

We believe that 2019 will be a period of market recovery, which will lead to strong price growth of the cryptocurrency in 2020. Any movements in the ratio demand/supply, are also a positive sign. The relative calm among investors in the ICO will play into the hands of digital assets in the future.

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token funding is trending towards zero, via @fundstrat

Still, some projects were successful, despite the bear market. One has only to recall BitTorrent and promises Justin Sana million on hand after completion of the fundraiser.