IBM signed a deal for 1 billion Australian dollars ($740 million), which will allow the Corporation the next five years to be the leading technology partner for the Australian government.

According to the contract, the company automatiseret and translated to the blockchain Australian Federal agencies, including the Ministry of defence and the Ministry of internal Affairs. On 6 July, said in an interview with Bloomberg TV Harriet green, coordinating the work of IBM in the Asia-Pacific region. According to her, the hallmarks of cooperation will be “youth technology” and the participation of local Australian staff, who will help in its implementation.

IBM will create a new platform, which, according to estimates by government agencies, will protect the data of Australian citizens and help taxpayers save 100 million Australian dollars. Last year the National Agency for science Australia became a victim of cyber attacks alongside international companies such as Facebook and Ticketmaster.

Two years ago, IBM agreed to pay the Australian government for more than 30 million Australian dollars for the role that she played in a poorly conducted census. In a survey of experts four times subjected to DDoS attacks, which the project held every five years, was suspended. Then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that the blame lies mostly at IBM. In recent times the profit of the Corporation decreased.