The IBM Corporation has applied to the system transaction ID, which will be based on the nodes of the blockchain. U.S. patent and trademark office (USPTO) released its August 16.

Described in the application system provides for the extraction of data from the nodes of the blockchain to identify different types of transactions. Any transaction is assigned to a node or several nodes, that can store valuable information about the nature of the transaction.

According to the document, the system involves “mining text analysis and discovery of information, internal control, semantic extraction and detection of objects based on ontology”. Such a model of retrieval is designed to help Supervisory authorities to monitor data security in the blockchain.

In particular, the system will help to enforce the law on anti-money laundering (AML), identifying, does not commit if a site is suspicious activity on the blockchain during the processing of the transaction. As such activity may be seen, for example, exceeding a certain limit on the transfer of funds within a day or interaction with a specific structure.

The system described is equipped with modules, which can be implemented as programmable hardware devices.

Bank holding company Capital One, in turn, has filed a patent application for a system for authenticating users based on the blockchain, designed to ensure the implementation rules “know your customer” and other safety requirements, and Coinbase has expressed a desire to patent the design, which solve the problem of theft of private keys from the wallets of users.