Technology giant IBM implements blockchain free educational program for students in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

IBM, together with the National programme for the development of technology (NPTEL) of India has started a 12-week online course on architecture, design and application of the blockchain. For the second most populous country in the world this course was the first educational program in the field of blockchain.

The programme will cover several aspects of technology, including fundamental design, system structure, safety, and also exploring new uses of the blockchain. All course work will be available on the website of NPTEL for free, but a certificate of completion will demand payment and delivery of the online exam.

“The popularity of the blockchain has moved from cryptocurrency to business applications in many industries, such as insurance, Finance, logistics supply chain, digital identity, healthcare and the public sector”, — said one of the developers of the course Professor sandip Chakraborty (Sandip Chakraborty) from the Indian Institute of technology (IIT) in Kharagpur.

American technology company IBM is not only a recognized leader in the development of the blockchain, but also takes an active part in training personnel for the new industry. In addition, the company continues to expand the staff dedicated to research new technologies around the world.