Specialists of the research group of IBM X-Force report on the landscape of cyber threats for 2018 stated that the attackers switch their attention to the cryptocurrency.

According to IBM X-Force number of cases of latent mining (cryptogamia) I-IV quarter of 2018 increased by 450%. The use of ransomware has decreased by 45%.

The report noted that more than half of the cases (57%) hackers used Bespalova attack methods, making their detection more difficult.

Earlier Cyber Threat Alliance has announced that it has discovered in the past year, an increase of 459% of cases of unauthorized mining of cryptocurrencies on the user’s computer. A similar assessment of expansion cryptogamia gave Kaspersky Lab — 400% for the year.

The shift of interest of cyber criminals in the direction of the hidden mining of ransomware celebrated last year the specialists of the company Skybox Security. In their opinion cryptogenic brings hackers to a more stable and guaranteed income.

One expert IBM X-Force by Charles W. Henderson (Charles Henderson) in an interview with Fortune confirmed this opinion. According to him, kryptogamen for intruders something similar to the subscription for permanent income, and extortion can only get a one-time payment.

“With the racket for your data, you lose a customer after one transaction, so it’s disposable, there is no recurring income. I mean, that’s just bad business,” said Henderson.

Recall that according to experts of Microsoft, in 2018, cryptogamia attacked Ukrainians and Russians 3 times more often than the world average.