Startup in partnership with the technology giant IBM will create another tied to the American dollar USD stablon Anchor on the blockchain Stellar, reports CoinDesk.

Dollar reserves Stronghold will be placed in a trust Prime Trust, which will deal with the issue of Bank accounts in institutions insured by the Federal Corporation on insurance of deposits (FDIC).

IBM promised to provide the use-cases for new coins among institutional investors, including cross-border transfers and multi-currency transactions.

According to the head of the blockchain IBM Jesse Moon, by the end of this year the company will start to apply new technology.

Add that Stronghold was successfully closed seed round and raised $3.3 million from the managing partner of Freestyle Capital, Dave Samuel.

Stronghold Announces $3.3 Million Seed Funding Led By Freestyle Capital

— Stronghold (@strongholdxchg) 12 Jul 2018

We will remind, earlier there licenzirovanie dollar USDC from bitcoin startup Circle.