May 24, blockchain mining pool platform HDAC driven Hyundai BS&C was under attack and was compromised. Withdrawals temporarily suspended.

According to the Korean edition TokenPost, the attack was possible due to a server vulnerability, which the hackers gained access to the internal system of the pool. Team HDAC said that now restores the platform after hacking. The details of the incident are still unknown.

The company HyundaiPay, FINTECH is a subsidiary of Hyundai BS&C, in turn, said that is not responsible for the incident, despite the fact that is responsible for the development of HDAC platform:

“Cryptocurrency mining pool is not associated with HDAC HyundaiPay and its subdivisions. Team HyundaiPay has no information about hacking and does not interfere with the mining pool. HDAC blockchain was not hacked.”

According to the company, currently, mining-pool is 299 people, but the attack affected not all of them:

“Although HyundaiPay cannot provide the exact details of the attack, according to the team, suffered from it most of the miners”.

As previously reported, HDAC platform operates on is compatible with IoT devices, hybrid blockchain technology that provides them with reliable connection and safe handling of data. Moreover, the platform is primarily intended to control the IoT devices, not for payments