Just ended a successful ICO (primary supply of coins) 2017, for the period which attracted 5.6 billion dollars. The United States, and 2018 have already proved that ICO really works: by the end of April through ICO capital employed amounted to more than 6.3 billion dollars. USA. After the overwhelming success of ICO in 2017, Invictus Capital expects an increase in the number of projects focused on using the unique attributes of blockchain technology for industry sectors and other use cases.

The Hyperion Fund is syndicated venture capital Fund focused on early stage investing through SAFT, private and public pre-sale ICO. Fund Hyperion provides investors access to a diversified portfolio of professionally proven investment opportunities at an early stage, and has numerous benefits for entrepreneurs, going beyond financial support. 30 April will begin the primary selling Fund Hyperion Invictus, and then on may 3, followed by a public sale.

“We were very impressed by the applications for funding that we have received, and are happy to work with current and future applicants,” expressed his admiration for Daniel Shwarzkopf, CEO of Invictus Capital.

On the portal of the statements on the website of Invictus Capital are forming relationships with entrepreneurs. The purpose of Invictus Capital to make significant investments in the best bottom-up projects and to dissuade opportunists who understand that their project has sufficient benefits and would not stand close attention of Invictus Capital.

Team Invictus Capital are experienced entrepreneurs who ICO (CRYPTO20), which became one of the 25 most successful for all time of its existence.

Once Invictus Capital will pass legal examination and will go to support the project through investments generally ranging from $ 250 thousand to $ 2 million, it will start to use relationships within the venture capital community, inviting investors to support the project together with Invictus Capital. Investment network of this type is highly advantageous, since the degree of confidence can be assigned to the project when the other team of experts have already evaluated it. Similarly joint investment increases the chances of success of the project, ensuring that it will be able to obtain the necessary budget to continue their development and the success of the ICO.

Receive support from Invictus Capital through Fund Hyperion means the credibility of the project, ensuring that a professional team have carefully checked and have selected it for investment – thereby increasing the chances of success. In addition, Invictus also helps to conduct an audit of contracts, to deal in the exchange economy and to present themselves to the exchange, legal and marketing partners to assist with the involvement of the ICO and possible public listing of tokens.

“With the development of ICO, we are increasingly confident that independent investors have become wiser. While the amount of funding raised globally by ICO, will continue to increase, and will increase the height of the level of trust that entrepreneurs need to achieve in order to prove the value of his offer to investors to earn the trust of their team, business model and tokenomics,” concludes Shwarzkopf.

Invictus Capital involves collaboration with talented visionaries, providing them with practical support so that entrepreneurs can strengthen their platform and to increase the level of trust, so they can stand out from the crowd. Invictus Capital is eagerly waiting when will be able to review the applications of entrepreneurs, who need support at an early stage, and to cooperate with them.