Company Hut 8 Mining Corp. announced the completion of the construction of a platform for mining bitcoin CMH Facility with 40 data centers BlockBox in the canadian medicine hat. In the role of solution provider for network, North America’s largest data centers was made by BitFury Group.

Playground CMH Facility became the second division after a mining platform in Temelleri with 17 data centers with rates at 18.7 MW operating capacity and 66.7 MW total working capacity.

In medicine hat is based 40 data centers with rates at 1.2 MW operating capacity and 48 MW of total working capacity. The combined capacity of the CMH Facility the company assesses at PH 487.5/s.

“Thanks to all of our operating facilities, we believe that we are the largest miner of cryptocurrencies in Canada and the largest miner on the working capacity in the world whose shares are traded on the stock exchange”, — said the President and CEO of Hut 8 Andrew Kiguel.

Hut 8 Mining Corp. beginning to open data centers in conjunction with the provider of the bitcoin and blockchain solutions BitFury Group since December last year. Since mining Hut site 8 produced over 1,900 bitcoins.

ForkLog previously reported that the U.S. mining company Coinmint investing $700 million to the former aluminum plant in Massena in the North-Eastern United States to create the world’s largest centre for the production of bitcoin.