Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has launched a Global beta-version of social network Huobi Chat. Testing service joined 1 270 participants.

Huobi Chat coming soon!

— Huobi Global (@HuobiGlobal) October 1, 2018.

For secure connections, the social network uses encryption methods and the mechanisms of consensus. Huobi Chat allows you to create sub-groups main channels contains news portals about the state of the cryptocurrency market, and also provides users with entertainment services.

The business model of the platform called “socialization is mining” involves the introduction of social network Chat Huobi token Token (HCT). Users will receive coins for recruiting new users and support the service.

Huobi has also plans to integrate into cryptocurrency payment platform and the opportunity to exchange tokens.

“We strive to achieve free communication, secure transactions, fair incentives and facilitate communications and relationships in society digital assets,” according to the website of Huobi Chat.

It is not known when the service will be available for a wide range of users.

ForkLog previously reported that the head of Facebook messenger, David Marcus will develop blockchain solutions for social networks.

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