Singapore’s bitcoin exchange Huobi this month plans to open its own platform to launch tokens, writes 8btc, citing Chinese media. According to them, Huobi is regarded as the Prime response stock exchange Binance with its platform Launchpad, but has at least one significant difference.

Huobi Prime not to be used for the initial exchange of proposals (IEO), which allow startups to raise funding using the infrastructure of stock exchanges, although the example Binance Launchpad has been very successful. Instead, the emphasis Huobi Prime will be on the development of business models and ensuring legal compliance.

Huobi confirmed information about the imminent launch of the service, but refused to admit that he will work on the model of Launchpad, writes 8btc. As explained by the CEO of Huobi Livio Weng, Huobi Prime is a channel listing for the selected token based on a private key exchange Huobi HT and is not a platform for attracting funding. Weng also noted that Huobi Prime will offer innovative, fast, and satisfying the requirements of the law, the service for listing the crypto token high-quality projects from around the world.

For more information and official launch date Huobi Prime Weng refused to clarify.

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