Third in terms of daily trading volumes in the world of cryptocurrency exchange Huobi opens in the US new trading platform digital currencies — HBUS. Office of the new crypto currency exchange located in San Francisco.

The company HBUS said that it would provide users with a convenient interface and a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Given the start in a highly competitive market, the exchange intends to aggressively expand the business, seek partnerships with other projects and also offer discounts and promotions to new customers.

Formal bids on the new site is supposed to start June 15. Users who registered from 10 to 14 June, will get a month of Commission-free trading. Access to trade customers will receive after confirmation of identification (KYC procedures).

“We’re excited to launch in full compliance with regulatory requirements platform virtual currency for the American audience,” said General Manager HBUS operations Ken Wang (Ken Wang).

Based in China Huobi after prohibition of the operation of stock exchanges in the country moved to Singapore. In recent months, the company is actively expanding its activities worldwide. Plans to open office in San Francisco was announced in January. In April in Korea launched crypto currency exchange Huobi Korea. Followed the company of the intention to open offices in London, Toronto, reported the opening of a representative office in Brazil.

In the United States Huobi opened an office, not a division or a subsidiary, as explained in the company, HBUS is the “exclusive strategic partner” in the country.