Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has denied its involvement in the manipulation of the vote in the EOS network and the existence of any arrangements with other manufacturers blocks. This was announced by Chinese Twitter channel cnLedger.

Huobi denies having financial business with the nodes ($EOS BPs) in the leaked spreadsheet. However they have not yet denied the authenticity of the leaked file. “Relevant information is still under further investigation”https://t.co/4oQYY6xM4I https://t.co/qL0wXNbfSI

— cnLedger (@cnLedger) September 30, 2018

As previously reported, the recently leaked document, allegedly created by the employee Huobi, according to which manufacturers of blocks EOS participated in the mutual voting and shared the income with each other.

Despite evidence of collusion contained in this document, many supporters of the EOS sure it means nothing. Thus, the user Reddit under the nickname “eosview” published its own analysis of the situation, which implies that this is just FUD.

According to eosview, the fact that Block.one has not yet started the vote means that the activities of these alleged manipulators doesn’t mean anything. Moreover, a conspiracy requires a lot of investment to maintain control.

If the information on the conspiracy proves true, it will be another blow for the EOS, which has been repeatedly accused of problems with centralization.