HBUS the American company, the operator of crypto currency exchange decided to make a big bet on institutional investors.

The firm announced the formation of a team that will develop additional services and products, including token-lending, OTC trading and stablein aimed at large investors. Will head the new group Vice President HBUS sales and marketing Kathleen Mew (Mew Katelyn), who previously worked at investment company BlackRock and the brokerage firm Charles Schwab.

“Institutional clients are looking for trading platforms high level and reliable market. Unfortunately, the current landscape is considerably lagging behind the traditional financial services industry. As more and more institutions integrate digital assets into their portfolios, they will need relevant reliable partners whom they can trust, such as,” said Caitlin Mew.

According to General Director of HBUS Frank Fu (Frank Fu), the collapse of the stock market in 2018 has brought the industry the benefit of creating an environment in which survived only the strongest and most useful projects.

“We see that the industry is heated via traditional managers, hedge funds, banks such as JPMorgan, and tech giants such as IBM. Institutional investors understand that the regulations are strengthened and they are paving the way for mass adoption,” he added.

Recall that Huobi has launched in the US cryptocurrency exchange HBUS in June last year. In January, it was rebranded the site and it became known as in February, it became available as a trading pair with the US dollar.