The head of the Russian branch of Huobi Global Andrei Grachev, together with the senior Trustee Edward Chen (Edward Chen) in the framework of the conference the Blockchain Life, held in St. Petersburg, announced that on November 12 the company plans to launch the Russian version of the website.

According to them, Russian-speaking users of the website will be able to obtain round the clock online consultation with local technical support, as well as Russian-speaking call center.

In addition, the planned launch of a startup accelerator that will search for promising new companies throughout Russia, as well as introduction of educational programs that will focus on increasing knowledge about cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. In the framework of this program Huobi will enter into a partnership with the Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov, MGIMO.

Users will be given the opportunity to examine in more detail the specifics of managing digital assets and learn about the services of automated and algorithmic trading, which include a Singapore company.

Huobi has also plans to open in Russia for mining-hotels, where anyone can install devices for cryptocurrency mining, and to engage in mining, paying rent, and provide electricity. In recent months, the number of such objects is growing, as they provide relatively inexpensive conditions to host a small mining farm.

Earlier Huobi has plans to expand its activities, including in Africa and Asia. In October, the company confirmed its intention, announced that it will open a separate office in Dubai, which, similar to the Russian Department, will focus not only on trade cryptocurrency, but will the development of blockchain projects, giving educational services.

Also in October, the company’s management launched a new tool HUSD, which is a kind of aggregator of four tablconv PAX, TUSD, USDC and GUSD.

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