Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and technology company Continental has announced the launch of a decentralized Data platform Monetization Platform (DMP) for information exchange vehicles.

It is expected that the blockchain is the solution to improve driving safety, especially given the emergence of Autonomous vehicles, and help brands monetize telematics data of the vehicles.

DPM is an alternative to existing centralized solutions, information storage manufacturers. Partners believe that decentralized access to data will also improve service for drivers, for example, helping them to avoid traffic jams or choose the best place to Park.

“The exchange of vehicle data between providers can solve some of the toughest traffic problems and improve the quality of service drivers through the use of the capabilities of swarm intelligence network”, — said the President of Hybrid IT, sales Director at HP Phil Davis (Phil Davis).

DMP will allow car manufacturers and other partners to communicate with each other — or improving digital services for their customers, or to monetize data vehicles, according to a press release. However, trade data of the vehicle will be possible only with the consent of the driver.

The partnership plans to launch a blockchain-based platform this year.

Recall that for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise this project is the first step in the blockchain space — American company had earlier joined Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) and implements its own program Mission Critical the Blockchain.