According to a report by the international recruitment company Hired the global demand for blockchain engineers grew by 517% compared to last year.

The document also noted that the block chain engineers are always in the top three most high-paying jobs for software developers in the major cities of the world. For example, in Paris blockchain-engineering is the highest paid specialty for developers in London and new York is in second place, San Francisco and Toronto — the third.

The average salary blockchain engineer in these cities is $105,4 thousand a year. In San Francisco the figure and the highest is $155 thousand, least of all the blockchain-the developers earn in Paris — an average of about $67 thousand a year.

In October last year Hired noted that the average salary of blockchain experts grew to $150-175 thousand a year, despite the fact that the developers AT average earnings is around $135 thousand. In the same month recruiting company Glassdoor noted increase in the demand of employers for blockchain developers in November, this trend has confirmed the site for job search