Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency exchange WEX previously denied information about the negotiations on the possible sale of the company Dmitry, Chevchenkoknown as the supporter “DNR” with the call sign Sailor, RBC argues that a potential buyer backed out of the deal. According to the Agency, the reasons for this decision “was the problem WEX, where clients encounter difficulties when withdrawing money” and the difficulties in the negotiations.

Hevchenko, told IA that the transaction price ranged from $3 million to $5 million, and signing documents with WEX broke three times. The last time, July 25, Avchenko not satisfied that the transaction in Moscow is the official owner of the marketplace Dmitry Vasilyev arrived at his lawyer.

In addition, the price of bitcoin on WEX in recent weeks is off the scale, reaching the level of $9600 on 26 July, and the possibility of the withdrawal of assets from the crypto currency exchange have become limited.

After a failed first attempt to become the owner of the crypto currency exchange, Halchenko, according to the Agency, is planning to acquire cryptopleura EXMO. He told reporters that he had started negotiations, however, the co-founder of EXMO Ivan Petrovsky RBC this information is not confirmed, saying that “no proposals for the purchase of the exchange has been received,” and any negotiations is not conducted.

Recall that a month ago EXMO officially declared the failure of the public phase of the ICO, explaining this decision by the fact that the crypto currency exchange has sufficient funds to ensure Fund margin lending and launch new products and services.