The company Linzhi, created by former top developer manufacturer mining equipment Canaan Creative has announced that in 2019 it plans to bring to market new ASIC miners for Ethereum that far ahead on the technological characteristics of products mining giant Bitmain.

In the framework of the project Lavasnow in Linzhi develop miners working on the algorithm Ethash with a hash rate of 1400 MH/s – with E3 Antminer from Bitmain this figure stands at 190 MH/s and consumes 8 times less power. In addition, according to the head of the company Chen Ming (Chen Min), a new technique will allow to produce about $20 a day, that is more than 6 times more than using Antminer E3. This will allow the equipment owners to return it within 4 months after purchase.

Recall that in late summer analysts at AllianceBernstein, said that mining Bitmain monopolist may lose the advantage in the development of equipment in the background of a potential problem with the income. When it recently entered into the mining business, the Japanese company GMO Internet in June introduced a 7-nm ASIC-miner, and a month later, more powerful version of it. In August, canadian Mining firm Squire announced the beginning of the development of 10-nanometer mining chip of the next generation.