The founder of blockchain startup Tron Justin San on Sunday announced the approaching hard forks, which will be held on 28 February and will update the Protocol of cryptocurrencies to version 3.5.

#TRON will launch 3.5 hard fork upgrade on 2/28. New Features: 1. multi-sig and acct mng institution ready 2. Dynamic energy adjustment to real-time network performance 3. 50% up performance & usage 4 res. Better VM safety events server for Dapps. Go! #TRX $TRX

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) February 24, 2019

Along with the update in Tron there will be new opportunities to use multimedia and account management user-centric institutional level.

“Multipurpose, manage accounts and storage are the three main demands from the companies. Recently, we have received numerous inquiries from hedge funds, professional investors and financial institutions. With update 3.5 and cooperation with BitGo, we are ready!” – San wrote, referring to the recent announcement by the crypto-custodian service, BitGo, who intends to add support for TRX later this year.

Among other improvements San mentioned “dynamic regulation of energy in accordance with the network performance in real time”, performance improvement and resource utilization by 50% and enhancing the security of virtual machines and event server for decentralized applications.

TRX, was sidelined from Saturday’s Pampa crypto-market, on the background of this announcement up to 5%.

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