The developers of Ethereum during the meeting this Friday of the video conference agreed to activate hardwork Constantinople in my test network next month. This writes CoinDesk.

According to developers, the update will be activated around October 9 in the test network Ropsten with the support of many customers, the characteristics of which are close to the main Ethereum. However, the speed of issue of units in the test network varies considerably, causing the block number, which is usually determined by the time of launch of the update will be installed later. In a similar manner has not been determined block to implement the hard forks in the core network cryptocurrency.

During today’s conference, developed by Hudson Jameson as an indicative timing of the main phase of updates called November-December this year. Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin also participated in the interview, noted that “the bomb of complexity” (approx. — element code designed to encourage developers to timely release updates) will not have a significant influence on the operation of the network in the coming months, making the need for immediate activation Constantinople no.

“This is absolutely not urgent,” said Buterin. “We probably have another 3 months or even more.”

While certain aspects of the updates, in particular the reduction of awards for units with 3 ETH 2 ETH to cause the discontent of some members of the community, the rest of it contains minor technical changes. Accordingly, the developers discussed possible suggestions for improving Ethereum (EIP) for the next hard fork called Istanbul, which is tentatively planned in 8 months since launch, Constantinople.

For example, discussions are ongoing regarding whether Ethereum to change the mechanism of consensus proof-of-work thus to reduce the efficiency of mining cryptocurrency in specialized ASIC-devices. While developers are trying to come to a consensus, the researcher Danny Ryan recalled that the work on Casper, a proposal designed to help Ethereum go to algorithm proof-of-stake continues.

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