Activation hard forks Constantinople in Ethereum postponed indefinitely because of the vulnerability, which was discovered by the company ChainSecurity in improving EIP 1283. According to experts, implementation of the solution in its current form may lead to the discovery of the ability to steal users ‘ funds with the help of attack re-entry.

[SECURITY ALERT] #Constantinople upgrade is temporarily postponed out of caution following a consensus decision by #Ethereum developers, security professionals and other community members. More information and instructions are below.

— Ethereum (@ethereum) January 15, 2019

At the moment, the developers of Ethereum I decided to find out more with the vulnerability to move date hard forks on Friday to decide on the new date. Meanwhile, the operators gcd, exchanges, miners and services cryptocell recommended to block 7080000, which was planned to hold hardwork, update the app Geth – to version 1.8.21 or 1.8.19, and Parity – to 2.2.7-stable or 2.3.0-beta.

Recall that the initial activation of the second part of hard forks Metropolis was scheduled for October at the block # 4230000, but the miners sabotaged the activation Constantinople in the test network Ropsten – and it pushed first for a few days, then November and finally decided to move to the middle of January.

In mid-December 2018 the developers Geth presented a special update v1.8.20, which was set to the activation time of Constantinople. And Parity Constantinople integrated in September.