In the last videoconference, the Ethereum developers have chosen a new date for the activation of network hard forks Constantinople: under the new plan it will be held on February 27 at the block 7280000. Improvement EIP-1283, in which was discovered a vulnerability that caused the transfer of hard forks 36 hours before selected for this block, decided to completely remove from the updates. It is possible that it will enter one of the following updates after appropriate testing.

Holding hard forks broke in two stages: first, Constantinople activates improvement, and then his fix will remove EIP-1283 of the test networks. Therefore, all users that have moved to the network Constantinople, will be able to go into the main network without a rollback of the extracted blocks.

We will remind that on January 16 activation Constantinople in Ethereum was postponed due to a vulnerability found company ChainSecurity in improving EIP-1283. It is possible to assign assets with the help of attack re-entry.