According to analysts of the Israeli startup Whitestream, the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas uses the American stock exchange Coinbase cryptocurrency to receive donations. In Whitestream found at least two transactions totaling about $2500 worth of bitcoin in favor of this organization, which is against the rules of user experience with Coinbase. One of them had a user from the Gaza strip and the other organization from Palestine. According to representatives of the Whitestream, the information they gave to the security organs.

Last week a representative of the paramilitary wing of the group , Abu Ubayd (Abu Ubaidah) said that Hamas is looking for any ways to get funding, and then in the Telegram was published the address for the transfer of bitcoins. Received funds from one crypto Hamas was moved to the wallets of the company, CoinPayments and crypto currency exchange Binance. While the second crypto Hamas through the service received bitcoins from Bittrex cryptocell, Coinbase, Binance and Vilkov.

We will remind that earlier the US offered to pay a reward for the disclosure of supporting terrorists using cryptocurrency. In September 2017, the house of representatives adopted the draft law “On the assessment of internal security and the use of virtual currencies by terrorists.” A year ago the judicial Committee of the U.S. Senate on the modernization of the laws on combating money laundering reported that only small percentage of illegal financial transactions through cryptocurrency.