In the course of the auction with decreasing price almost half of the tokens Metronome got only three captainvalor, according to Bitcoinist.

The publication cites a post on the social network Reddit, where a disgruntled captainvalor discuss the situation with the distribution of the token project of Jeff garzik’s:

Last minutes of token auction went to very big whales from MetronomeToken

“In the last minutes of licensee all got big whales”, writes a regular at Reddit under the name I_AM_AT_WORK_NOW_.

He cites three transactions, which in total contains 3.3 million tokens of the project Metronome.

For the first time about the upcoming launch of the Metronome project became known in late October of last year. Then CEO Bloq and supporter SegWit2x Jeff garzik’s called his creation “the best cryptocurrency of all time”, which is able to interact with different blockchains.

“For example, coins used for applications on the Ethereum blockchain, you can move on Ethereum Classic before using it on Qtum or Rootstock that are associated with bloccano bitcoin”, — noted the then garzik’s.

Some time later, the developers of Metronome has re-emerged, promising to create a “cryptocurrency for the ages.”

“Institutional investors should be extremely excited about such a product. We have created a cryptocurrency for centuries”, — said recently the co-founder of the project Matthew Roszak.

There were 10 million tokens MET. 80% of the proposals it was decided to distribute in the course of licensee, and the remainder to be devoted to Bloq. The primary distribution of coins was carried out in the form of “Autonomous auction with decreasing price.”

“Over time and as available to the MET, the auction price will decrease linearly until the sale is over and all tokens will not be sold”, — stated in the project description on GitHub.

Even before the scheduled June 25, the end of licensee, social networks began to receive complaints that a significant part of the sentence tokens were quickly sold out to the detriment of many other campaign members.

Some “,” the cryptocurrency market remembered that Jeff garzik’s previously criticized the distribution model of most altcoins, but we received as well as any other when it came to tocancel own digital currency:

old garzik > new garzik

— Mr.Hodl🌕🍿 (@MrHodl) on 24 June 2018 R.

We will remind, recently the head of the Chicago Board options exchange Chris Concannon expressed the opinion that soon the market of primary offerings of coins will face new regulatory restrictions, but because the ICO investors “waiting for the paycheck.”