The largest volume of Ethereum since February this year, was withdrawn from the bitcoin exchanges this Monday. The amount derived cryptocurrency of 500,000 units exceeded the figure listed, according to data tracker Santiment.

Almost a million ETH was entered or withdrawn from 140 exchanges September 24, and that about 200,000 had on deposits, and the 700 000–.

This allows to put forward the assumption that investors who bought the bitcoin, chose to bring it to the hardware wallets, or in some other place for safe keeping.

Except February 22, when it was withdrawn 1.8 million ETH that could be due to the purchase of company Circle exchange Poloniex was not a day when users would remove as many crypto-currencies on the exchanges, at least over the last year.

Yesterday’s jump followed a period when stock markets fall significantly more ETH than deduced from them, which was accompanied by a decrease in prices in August and early September.

On September 12, for example when Ethereum has reached a local minimum at $167, as shown in the chart above, stock markets were 300 000 more ETH than was derived from them. During the same week the net amount of deposits amounted to 1 million ETH. Today, the volume of deposits exceeds the volume of the conclusions of 52,000 ETH, accompanied by a fall in the price from $240 to $210.

Will today’s decline just a short – term phenomenon has yet to learn. As noted Trustnodes, the volumes can start to return, however, the question of the levels seen late last and early this year, of course, is not.

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