Unknown hackers have introduced software for mining cryptocurrency Monero hundreds of web sites using the content management system Drupal. However, many victims page belong to various government institutions, the cyber safety specialist Report Bad Packets Murs of Troy.

It is noted that had been compromised nearly 400 sites — unknown installed browser mining-Coinhive, which produces cryptowall Monero using vulnerabilities in older versions of Drupal.

According to Mursa like “cryptogenic” not as malicious as viruses, ransomware, however, “is still a problem — especially for operators of web sites”.

“It’s all due to the fact that Coinhive IN cryptogamia just uses JavaScript. All modern browsers and devices support JavaScript, so they can be used for mining cryptocurrencies and, unfortunately, the program Coinhive continue to abuse over and over again. In this particular case, Drupal users must update their software as soon as possible”, — said Murch publication CoinDesk.

In the list of affected sites was page University of San Diego, the National labour relations Board United States, the city of Marion, University of Aleppo, Ringlingbros College of fine arts and design, government of the Mexican city of Chihuahua and others. Full list of infected sites can be found in the special table.

Visitors to the pages may not even know that their computers and devices used for mining Monero. At the same time, cryptographic processes slow down productivity and can cause wear or overheating CPUs.

It should be noted that not all users have Coinhive malice. For example, UNICEF uses in charity events.

We will remind, earlier anti-virus company Trend Micro has discovered a new virus called HiddenMiner that uses the power of infected Android smartphones for mining cryptocurrency Monero. The miner is able to bring the gadget from the system excessive load on the processor.