Exoosed to the Next Web, hackers have hacked the official account of Pathé, one of the largest studios in the world, so you can use it to advertise bogus “distribution of bitcoins”.

Scammers promised to all who will put their wallet the minimum amount of bitcoins, return on investment in double. Also, the attackers have updated the account Pathé, giving it similarities with the account of Elon musk – perhaps more convincing – and placed on behalf of the Mask calls to donate bitcoins and promise of a reward in the amount of 10 000 bitcoins:

Fortunately Pathé managed to recover the account and delete all tweets is a Scam. However, it managed to “retweet” 850 times, and 3700 users put “like”. However, it is not limited to Laiki in recent days to the address specified by hackers, received 6 bitcoins (about $38 000).

This is not the first incident of its kind in Twitter. For many months, the microblogging service is not able to protect users from Scam. In July, hackers broke into the account of the major Fox and did the same. Extortion cryptocurrency on behalf of the Elon musk become so frequent that Twitter was forced to allow users to use the name in the names of the accounts. The Mask turned to the Dogecoin Creator Jackson Palmer to help in the fight against the Scam-bots.