During the year the number of ads on the shadow forums, which offers programs for mining for sale or rent, has increased by 5 times. This is evidenced by the system of Group-IB Threat Intelligence (Kibernetika).

For the first half of 2018, the system has recorded 477 for sale or lease for mining. While in the same period last year their number was five times less – 99.

In Group-IB also noted that in 2017, such a program was part of the other Trojans, in 2018 began to appear specialized programs for covert mining.

The main reasons for the growth in the number of such proposals, the experts referred to the relatively low prices. So, the minimum price was 0.5$, and the average value is $10.

“Low “barrier of entry” to the market of “black money” on illegal mining leads to the fact that mining crypto currencies do people with no technical knowledge and any experience of participating in fraudulent schemes. Having access to a simple tool for covert mining of cryptocurrencies, they do not consider it a crime, especially that of the Russian legislative field still leaves a sufficient number of loopholes to avoid prosecution for such a theft”, – said Rustam Mirkasymov, an expert on Cyberathlete Group-IB.

In its report, the company warns that mining brings not only direct financial losses due to increased electricity costs. It is also a threat to the stability of business-processes due to the slowing down of corporate systems, and increased depreciation of hardware.