Investment company Investments Grayscale officially announced the launch of ZEN Investment Trust Fund, developed solely for cryptocurrency Horizen (ZEN).

The ZEN Investment Trust by @grayscaleinvest is here! We’re thrilled to catch the interest of such a trusted leading authority in digital currency investing. @DCGco @barrysilbert #horizen #zencash

— Horizen (@horizenglobal) on 6 September 2018.

“We were very impressed with the team Horizen and their vision of ZEN as the leading coins focused on privacy. Grayscale is among the leading asset managers in this growing industry, and we will continue to offer our customers the most interesting blockchain-projects”, — said the managing Director of Grayscale Michael Sonnenschein.

The project, formerly known as Zencash, changed its name to the Horizen in August, while retaining the old Ticker cryptocurrency ZEN.

In June, the network Zencash was attacked by 51%, in which unknown attackers stole more than $550 000. However, after a few weeks Grayscale Investments has announced the launch of ZEN Investment Trust.

In comments to Forbes, the President and co-founder of Horizen Robert vil’on, however, said that the mechanism of consensus improvements were made and combined Hasrat network is currently high enough to be sure that similar cases will not recur in the future.

“I think they [Grayscale] like the way we systematized and professionally handled the situation. Moreover, we immediately started to develop solutions that would ensure that this won’t happen again,” said the vil’on.

Recall that in addition to ZEN, Grayscale Investments also manages investment funds for bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum zcash for.

In July Grayscale Investments is reported that in the first six months of this year, her clients have invested in the cryptocurrency products of the company record $248,39 million

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