The blockchain technology will allow graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) to obtain digital control of their academic records.

Cambridge software developer Machine Learning in conjunction with the MIT Media Lab will give students the ability to download blockchain wallets like apps on their devices. Them students will be able to safely store information about their diplomas and share it.

According to the results of a successful pilot program, the Institute has decided to offer these wallets to all new graduates this month, reports MIT Technology Review.

Philipp Schmidt, Director of educational innovation Media Lab:

“I do not believe in any Central entity that owns digital records about training people.”

The advantages of this technology

The idea is to provide the student with reliable, instant access to their diplomas, allowing potential employers no longer have to call the Institute to confirm their authenticity.

Chris Jagers, CEO of Learning Machine:

“Before the release, MIT sends students a welcome email that says “Hey, download Blockcerts Wallet App, confirm the passphrase, and add MIT as publisher of the diploma”. When MIT issues a diploma, students receive an email with a digital file that can be imported into the app”.