Ethereum developer of blockchain startup Decenter claims that Google prohibits on its platform ads related to Ethereum, but skipping is mentioning bitcoin and EOS.

“Those are our ads that contain the keyword “ethereum”, ceased to appear 9 January. Try to search for the terms “audit smart contracts Ethereum” and “audit smart contracts EOS” and you will see the is only the last of them, he writes. – Curiously, the prohibition does not apply to keywords such as “ico”, “bitcoin”, “eos”, etc. We tried to go with the IP several different countries using VPN, and found that ads with mention of “Ethereum” not displayed anywhere”.

A ban on the promotion of cryptocurrency projects Google imposed in March 2018, but over time he has been partially removed. According to the rules of Google Ads, “allowed the promotion of cryptocurrency exchanges, targeting users from the US and Japan. Thus, advertising aimed at users from other countries may be prohibited.”

Why is Google allowed to move to companies that provide, for example, audit services, smart contracts EOS but prevents similar ads related to Ethereum, is not clear. As noted by Reddit users, Google is pursuing a variety of political and economic goals, which can decide the priorities for the placement of certain products in the services of the Corporation.

Google blacklisted Ethereum in Google Ads from ethereum

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