Google has introduced a logo of bitcoin on keyboard for smartphone users iPhone. According to the official blog of the company, its use will only become available when switching to Google keyboard Gboard.

Select the corresponding option in the settings of the smartphone. In the future technology will appear on the tablet from Apple, as they used the full layout. As it is planned to use not only bitcoin, but other major world currencies. Icon cryptocurrency is on the right side in the upper corner.

The symbolism of the bitcoin in the world culture

The Google representatives also noted that they intend to implement the bitcoin logo and layout on the Android, but it will only appear after the next update the utilities package for your operating system. Special attention will be paid to the index of the icon, which in the future it will be possible to search in Google.

In January, many users began to report that the system rejected the advertisement in which there is mention of Ethereum. The company has not commented on such statements, but the corresponding keyword a few days later again became available for the introduction of sponsored posts and targeted campaigns.