May 31 at 12:00 UTC has launched the beta version of core network Tron. Tenth by market capitalization of cryptocurrency ($4 billion) out of Ethereum on their own public blockchain called Odyssey 2.0. It is reported by CCN.

Before the network begins its full life, the developers will start setting up wallets and browsers.

“Tron transfer Protocol in the core network will make it easier for developers separation from Ethereum and will open new doors for scaling, commercialization and accelerate the access necessary to develop a global decentralized applications”, — said the founder of Tron Justin San.

From 21 to 24 June, users will need to move their tokens ERC-20 to support the transition of crypto currency exchange to get the equivalent amount of TRX on the new network. The token transition will be completed June 25 — the date the developers have dubbed the “independence Day”.

ForkLog previously reported that the Creator of the cryptocurrency TRON Justin San is in the process of buying the company BitTorrent Inc.